My First Book Launch! Angel Songs, 20 Christmas Short Stories and Poems

AngelSongs-Cover-reboot.inddI’m so excited this week to work on my first book launch. My debut book, Angel Songs, went live on November 1. The book has 20 Christmas short stories and poems, as well as a few recipes inspired by three of the stories.

It’s been quite a journey putting this together and I discovered that working on so many short stories at once, each with their own cast of characters, was in many ways more difficult than working on a longer novel with a smaller set of characters. But still it was fun.

Angel Songs began last year on this blog when my niece and I challenged each other to post something on our blogs every day in the month of December based on the same list of topics — she’s a photographer so she posted photos while I wrote and posted something in writing — and we achieved that goal nearly every day.

Then the more I thought about it, I decided it would be fun to use this experience as the basis for a new book for this 2013 holiday season. I took the stories and poems I wrote, significantly edited and in some cases completely rewrote them, then added some new pieces and bound them into one volume — Angel Songs.

The end result is about 100 pages and the price is $2.99 for Kindle, $4.99 for paperback on Amazon. I hope you check it out. You can find more info here:

Angel Songs, 20 Christmas Short Stories and Poems, plus Recipes by Dona Watson

I know I’m a bit early, but in honor of the book, I hope your upcoming holiday season is wonderful!

I Love a Good Interview!

KarensBlogToday I’m excited! Karen Einsel has posted an interview with me over on her blog, Karen’s Different Corners. I hope you will indulge me if I post a link here.

Karen was so charming to speak with. She is running a series of interviews with short story authors. Please go over and check out her blog and her interviews with other authors as well.

Here’s the link: Karen’s Different Corners

Giveaway: The Broken Window by Christa Kinde

BrokenWindowZondervan sent me this new hardback copy of The Broken Window by Christa Kinde and I want to pass it on to one of you. The Broken Window, the third book in the Threshold YA series, is a YA (ages 11–14) novel just published this month (September 2013). Here’s the official blurb:

In this third installment of Christa Kinde’s Threshold Series, Prissie Pomeroy sheds much of her naivete as her hometown is shaken by an invisible war. Angels and demons clash in this supernatural adventure for readers aged eleven and up. Jedrick can’t say for sure if Prissie met the members of his Flight because she was in danger, or if she’s in danger because she knows them. Either way, she’s being singled out by a cunning foe. While Prissie throws herself into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Koji takes his promise seriously and stays close by her side. Prissie can’t wait to share her Christmas traditions with him. Including Ransom and Marcus in the festivities is harder to take. A new enemy turns out to be an old friend. A demonic horde boils up from the Deep. A light is sent into the darkness. Prissie’s about to discover that some gifts are greater than others, and some triumphs come at great price.

For more info, you can check the Amazon page (click here).

You can also find more info about the author and the other books in the series on her web site here: I see that Christa’s web site also has a link to a free short story prequel to the series.

To enter for a chance to win this hardback novel, send me an email at Deadline to enter is midnight, Saturday, September 28. Good luck!

Who’s Interested in SFF Giveaways?

Giveawaycollage-091713Like my title suggests, I love giveaways, particularly when it comes to books from my favorite genre! And I’ve found a few to pass on to you. Click on the book titles below for more info.

Good luck!

For the Love of Books: Your First Love

SwordatSunsetOver on Facebook, Orbit Books asked what was the first book that made readers interested in reading. I got to thinking about this and realize that I actually have two answers.

To preface that, I can’t remember ever not reading. But one of the first books I remember reading as a little girl was Go Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman. It was a fun book and helped me learn how to read.

Then there’s another answer. The book that sparked my love for fantasy fiction was Sword at Sunset by Rosemary Sutcliff. While still in my teens, I found an old, out-of-print copy in an antiques store in Northern California gold country and was intrigued. I read this Arthurian tale, fell in love with fantasy and never looked back.

Thinking back on that with fond memories, I began to wonder what book sparked your interest in books. Please leave a comment below — I’d love to hear your answer.